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A Vogel

A Vogel Herbamare 500g

A Vogel Herbamare 500g

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A Vogel Herbamare 500g

Pure sea salt infused with organic garden-fresh herbs and vegetables – Taste the flavour of nature!
By far the most popular of the A.Vogel condiments, Herbamare® has been a staple in Europe for decades.

Benefits and features
Sea salt infused with 12 fresh, organic herbs and vegetables
Made from herbs and vegetables processed within 8 hours of harvesting
100% natural and unrefined
No additives, preservatives or MSG
Herbamare® replaces dreary conventional table salt. Use it as a condiment to perk up your recipes or at every meal to salt your food the healthy way. Add after cooking to enhance taste! Once you’ve tasted Herbamare® you won’t want to use ordinary table salt again.

What is Herbamare?
Herbamare® is sea salt infused with 12 fresh, organically grown herbs and vegetables – celery, leek, cress, onions, chives, parsley, lovage, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme and kelp. These ingredients lend flavour to your food but contain less salt than you normally use.

Herbamare® is still made today in the same way that A.Vogel first created it. Every ingredient and process is carefully considered to ensure that Herbamare® is as fresh and natural as possible.

Less salt, more taste, thanks to organic freshness!
Most of us try to watch that we do not use too much salt. With the extra flavour imparted by the herbs in Herbamare®, you won’t need to use as much salt to attain the tastes you are used to.

Herbamare® Herb Seasoning Salt is unique in the way it is traditionally created in our factory in Colmar, an area of France well-known for its rich agricultural land. Vegetables and herbs destined for Herbamare® are organically grown and brought to the factory within hours of being harvested.

On their arrival, they are hand cleaned before each ingredient is carefully chopped and mixed with sea salt. This is then allowed to steep and mature for up to one year before the remaining moisture is gently removed by a special vacuum process at low temperature.

This steeping process allows the flavours and aroma of the herbs and vegetables to become fully integrated into the salt crystal. Once dried all the ingredients are blended together to make Herbamare®.

Sea salt, celery leaves*, leek*, cress* (water and garden), onion*, chive*, parsley*, lovage*, garlic*, basil*, marjoram*, rosemary*, thyme*, kelp (with trace iodine).

*Organically grown

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