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Allerguard Nasal Spray 20ml

Allerguard Nasal Spray 20ml

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Allerguard Nasal Spray 20ml

A natural innovation for effective prevention and treatment of Allergic Rhinitis symptoms

Allerguard Allergy Nasal Spray is specifically designed to protect your nose against airborne allergens. It contains Ectoin which forms a calming barrier against airborne allergens and a natural sea salt solution which cleans out the nose.

Allerguard  Allergy Nasal Spray has been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of a blocked nose, runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing. It can be used several times per day, is preservative free, and is suitable for use in children and people with sensitive noses.

 Allerguard Nasal Spray suitable for use from 2 years old

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