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L-Mesitran Honey Soft Gel Tube 250g 1

L-Mesitran Honey Soft Gel Tube 250g 1

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L-Mesitran Ointment is a honey-based ointment with the ideal percentage of medical-grade honey to maximise its natural antibacterial properties and help moisten and heal wounds. Ideal for the treatment of acute wounds like abrasions and cuts. The Ointment is easy to apply and will not adhere to the wound.

When L-Mesitran is in contact with the wound, fluid is drawn from the sur­rounding tissues, this creates a moist wound healing environment stimulating the wound healing process by facilitating autolysis of necrotic and devitalised material. Aids in wound bed preparation and promotes epithelialisation.

L-Mesitran Ointment is indicated for:

Chronic wounds e.g pressure ulcers, venous and diabetic ulcers
Superficial and acute wounds e.g. cuts, abrasions and donor sites
Fungating wounds (to help deodorise and debride)
Colonised and acute wounds
Post-operative surgical wounds

Pack size: 250g

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Marina Stans

L-Mesitran Honey Soft Gel Tube 250g 1

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