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Nu-Gel Hydrogel Alginate 15g 1

Nu-Gel Hydrogel Alginate 15g 1

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NU-GEL® Hydrogel is a transparent hydro active amorphous gel containing sodium alginate that gently and effectively debrides necrotic tissue and fibrinous slough.

Creates a moist wound healing environment
The hydrogel creates a moist wound healing environment which assists with natural autolytic debridement whilst the alginate component enhances its absorptive capabilities. The gel can be used to soften and hydrate eschar by facilitating rehydration of the wound.

NU-GEL® Hydrogel helps create a moist wound healing environment and is indicated for debridement and desloughing of wounds together with the management of chronic wounds throughout all stages of the healing process.

Pack Size: 1 x 15g

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