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Penta Sure

Penta Sure Renal Sachets 21g x 6

Penta Sure Renal Sachets 21g x 6

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Penta Sure Renal Sachets 21g x 6

Complete, balanced nutrition for Renal Care patients:

- 100% whey protein concentrate to improve immunity

- Low in protein and electrolytes to reduce the build-up of wastes

- Calorically dense for fluid management

- Fructose-based and gluten-free.

- Free from cholesterol and trans-fat


  • Designed as per the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ESPEN) Guidlines.
  • Pre-measured and Accurate Dosage.
  • Calorically dense for fluid management, provides 2kcal/ml.
  • Low in protein and electrolytes.
  • High calorie-to-nitrogen ratio to help maintain protein utilization for lean muscle mass.
  • May be used for tube feeding or oral supplementation.
  • Enriched with Carnitine & Taurine.

Direction to use:

For 50ml feed and 100kcal, empty the entire 21g sachet of PentaSure Renal in a clean container. Add 33ml of previously boiled and cooled water, stir thoroughly and consume immediately. For tube feeding, follow Physician’s or Dietician’s direction.

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Customer Reviews

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Heleen Gibson

Penta Sure Renal is the only supplement save for dialysis patients. Excellent completion of order and prompt delivery. Kept me updated all the time.Thank you

Banele Dokolwana

Excellent service!

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