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Phyto Andro

Phyto Andro Coffee Sachets 10

Phyto Andro Coffee Sachets 10

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Phyto Andro Coffee is a mixture of healthy natural herbs traditionally known for their effect on activity and vitality. This combination raises the level of daily functioning and stimulates blood circulation as well as improves your vitality and general health.

This product is made from a premium plant mixture. Scientific studies have proved that it maintains the human body effectivley, increases vital force, activity, and health.

Phyto Andro Coffee is a new generation of herbal mixed coffee with a rich Arabian coffee flavour. It gives you a high-powered natural "pick-up" without the caffeine jitters. It revitalizes your energy level and improves overall health naturally. Phyto Andro coffee is natural coffee, with a variety of proven health benefiting herbs to reduce fatigue, increase alertness, expedites blood circulation, improves adrenal energy, muscle strength, increase vitality and immunity.


  • Start Feeling Great Immediately
  • Better Concentrations
  • Better Athletic Performance
  • Ease of Weight Management
  • Great Blood Circulations
  • Reduce Fatigue & Lethargic
  • Help Balancing Your Hormones
  • Solve Erectility Dysfunction
  • Avoid Poor Sex & Premature Ejaculation
  • Solve Nocturnal
  • No Adverse Reactions
  • No Side Effects


  • eurocuma longifolia (tongkat ali)
  • panax radiax ginseng
  • maca extract
  • Instant coffee powder
  • Non-dairy Creamer
  • Sucrose


Pour a sachet of healthy coffee into a cup (150ml). Add hot water and stir well. Drink hot or cold

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Mpenduko Khambule

Phyto Andro Coffee Sachets 10

Alberto Kinanga

Phyto Andro Coffee Sachets 10

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