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Tibb Enerlift Syrup 200ml

Tibb Enerlift Syrup 200ml

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Enerlift - aids in boosting energy levels that assists the body to overcome physical weakness and mental fatigue.

An energy tonic that aids in boosting energy levels and providing support to those with active and busy lifestyles without any harmful stimulants.


Each 5 ml contains:

Withania somnifera 0,1 mg
Crocus sativus 0,2 mg
Centella asiatica 0,5 mg
Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0,25 mg
Syzygium aromaticum 0,75 mg
Elettaria cardamomum 4,2184 mg
Cymbopogon jworancusa 4,2184 mg
Parmelia perlata 4,2184 mg
Amomum subulatum 4,2184 mg
Pimpinella anisum 4,2184 mg
Anacyclus pyrethrum 4,2184 mg
Argyria speciosa 4,2184 mg
Pistacia vera 4,2184 mg
Citrus medica 4,2184 mg
Cinamomum cassia 4,2184 mg
Doronicum hookeri 4,2184 mg
Cinamomum tamala 4,2184 mg
Asparagus racemosus 4,2184 mg
Vitis vinifera 4,2184 mg
Coriandrum sativum 4,2184 mg
Onosma bracteatum 4,2184 mg
Alpinia galanga 4,2184 mg
Onosma bracteatum 2,109 mg
Camellia sinensis 2,109 mg
Aloe vera 4,2184 mg
Rosa Damascena 4,2184 mg
Punica granatum 50,625 mg
Pyrus malus 25,3104 mg
Contains sugar:
Sucrose 2400 mg
Glucose and Fructose 2000 mg
Sodium Benzoate 0,75 % m/v
Methyl Paraben 0,2 % m/v
Methyl Paraben Sodium 0,1 % m/v
Propyl Paraben 0,04 % m/v
Propyl Paraben Sodium 0,02 % m/v


Excipients: Citric acid, orange flavour 19066, ponceu 4R colour and purified water


  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Adults: Take 5 ml  up to 25 ml in the morning, as required.
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